New Release

New for September 1999, two new DFDGO songs. The first is a self-titled piece, and the second is called "Are You Sure". It's Mark and Gabriel again... we miss working with Mat and Steve but this is definitely heading in the right direction. See below, Mark mixed down an old 4 track cassette of 'Melk' from 1993.
DFDGO[ogg, ~10megs]
Are You Sure[ogg ~7megs]
Lord of the Undead[ogg ~5megs]

Mark and Gabriel have done a new piece called Lord of the Undead, which is through some accident better in ogg form than it is on the master.

Old Release

Here are some of the original sounds of the DFDGO, for your [pleasure|displeasure]. Notes for the aforementioned and below-hyper-linked sounds. Let us know if you'd like to hear more.

Melk new! [ogg, ~12megs]
Non Compos Mentis [ogg, ~5megs]
Sony Fun [ogg, ~3megs]
PRain [ogg, ~3megs]
Death of the Arpanet [ogg, ~9megs]
Tactics Evolve From Strategy [ogg, ~10megs]
Food Babies [ogg, ~4megs]

We are also compiling a CD. Please let us know if you are interested in such a thing, by emailing us at dfdgo@devo-dot-com.

Related Work

Gabriel's musical project Fabco
Mark's musical project M6H
Michael Belton's band to which Gabriel has contributed: Waydown