Eyelid Theatre, Melkville (thigmo)

Finally President Bill Clinton agrees with the five men from a local
brewery who misunderstand the role of common garden untensils on fish with
the same idea. 

"Don't you know I want to learn more about the take on recordings by
boldly surreal bands like DFDGO, or Dead Fish Don't Grow Old, now and in the
plans for the future" said Clinton on the fifth minute of five minutes of
pouring over the creamed corn fields of promoter Eror Dyal's hardcore
music newsletter.

Granted that following a visit to Eror's fine and pretentious record
store, Clinton was due to announce a $5 commitment to purchasing the DFDGO
tape given to him by a tree wearing a dirndl. 

Oddly this was met with criticism by many followers of first impressionists.
One pulpy retort, "Five.  Getting the tape does not apologize for the
Propaganda machine of the ambient synth band nor the thousands of people
who could NOT drink a beer while enduring their New Release live in the
states." was funny thought Ten Kraft, a promoter in the states who
attempted to book the band on non-postmodern nights at his defunct beer
bar, after being scolded for drooling into The Abyss.

Rest assured that most are merely more than willing to agree that
thousands is a vague term and D"FDGO is hard to decipher let alone listen
to without sedating talk from a guy in blue shirt about half the people he
knows, not saying that exactly, but alluding to all the bass on the tape
that is now better injected aurally with the invention of compact