Blade Runner Souvenir Magazine Credits

* Publisher Ira Friedman
* Interviews Vic Bulluck
* Art Direction Robert Altemus
* Photos Steve Vaughn
* Frame enlargements Virgil Mirano
* Director of licensing Deborah Call
Acknowledgements: We would like to express warmest apreciation to Diane Talmage, Ann Holler and Kristine Johnson, for their hard work. Special thanks also to Bob Dingilian, Jeffrey Walker at The Ladd Company, Katie Haber with Blade Runner Productions.

Official BLADE RUNNER Souvenir Magazine is published by Ira Friedman, Inc., 16 West 61 Street, New York, NY 10023, (212) 541-7300. (C)1982 The Blade Runner Partnership. Front cover and back cover artwork (C)1982 The Ladd Company.

Blade Runner