"We had been searching for locations for a building. We wanted to go on location to an old, decrepit building and take a suite of rooms and use that as Sebastian's apartment. One day we were downtown Los Angeles looking at a possible location, and I took a stroll across the street with Ridley and a few other people and Ridley took a look inside the beautiful Bradbury building. What we did to that building you wouldn't believe. On a superficial level we trashed it with high-tech, then filled it with smoke on the inside and shot at night. We also added a canopy with big columns to make it look like it was an old apartment building. All of a sudden we had a very gothic, eerie environment."

-Lawrence G. Paull

Deckard on the staircase

With blaster ready, Deckard cautiously makes his way up the stairs to Sebastian's apartment.

Inset: Police car parked in front of Sebastian's apartment.

Composite shot of the Bradbury staircase

Location scouting turned up these photographs of the interior of the Bradbury building. This structure is architecturally renowned for its masses of ironwork, open staircases and elevators.

Sketch of the staircase

The ironwork staircases identify this Sherman Labby storyboard as the Bradbury building.

Sketch of Deckard's gun

Syd Mead's early design concept for Deckard's gun.

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