"Daryl Hannah, the acrtess who plays Pris, is a trained gymnast and did many of the backflips herself. While we used a stuntman for the difficult backflips, she landed on Deckard's shoulders, for example. The fight between Harrison and her is quite vicious and we all cringed when she put her two fingers in Harrison's nostrils to haul him up. Harrison came up with that idea and, even though all of us found it very painful to watch, he insisted on doing it."

-Michael Deeley

Pris under a veil

A cautious Deckard enters Sebastian' apartment as Pris--under the veil--sits perfectly still, appearing to be just another mannequin.

Pris kicking Deckard

Deckard gets too close in his examination and is sent flying across the room with one forceful kick from Pris.

Pris doing a backflip

Pris griping Deckard with legs

Pris clutching Deckard's head

(above 3 images) While Deckard lies stunned on the floor, the agile replicant steps back and, with a flying summersault leap, lands squarely on Deckard's shoulders and applies a brutal scissor grip with her legs.

Deckard shooting Pris

Pris dead

(above 2 images) Pris finally releases Deckard and, fight for breath, he manages to squeeze off several shots stopping her in her tracks. Pris has so much energy and life in her that her body continues to violently kick and thrash as she dies.

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