"Batty is not a superman in the sense we know it, although he is far more physically capable than you or me. He's more capable, say, than an Olympic athlete and has a brain like a computer. But he's still a man. Although he might be able to leap a little higher than an Olympic athlete, he can't run up walls."

-Ridley Scott

Deckard climbing the cornice of the building

Durring his retreat, Deckard tries to hold on to the cornice of Sebastian's building. Batty is not far behind.

Inset: Deckard on a ledge as Roy comes after him.

Roy climbing out the window

The warrior replicant knows he has nothing to lose and fearlessly follows Deckard onto the treacherous ledge.

Deckard climbing some more

Deckard clinging to the side of the building in escape. Harrison Ford was actually at ground level in this shot; the surrounding buildings are an elaborate matte painting.

"While most of the battle took place on the soundstage, I designed a roof set for when Harrison gets out the window and up onto the roof. This was a very interesting idea because we originally wanted to do that scene on location downtown at what used to be an old hotel on 5th and Main Street in Los Angeles. When we went up on the roof, Ridley wanted both Harrison and Rutger to jump across a 20-foot alleyway. It was a 12-story drop if they missed. You can put nets out, but it became very impractical to shoot downtown, especially for the amount fo time we needed to shoot the scene. Ridley and I sat down and came up with a design of a sectioned roof top that was 22 feet above the ground and could be adjusted for the distance between the two roofs. The stuntman said, 'No Larry, I'm not jumping 20 feet. Lets make it 10 feet.' We ended up moving it a little closer and he made the leap, just!"

-Lawrence G. Paull

Harrison Ford and his stunt double

Harrison Ford poses with his stunt double.

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