"Essentially it was one man in search of four characters in this massive megalopolis. Its a spooky idea, worse than a needle in a haystack when you'e looking for four people in a city of millions of people. In fact, its nearly impossible."

-Ridley Scott

Deckard chasing Zhora

Rick Deckard leaps on top of the bumper-to-bumper vehicles in pursuit of Zhora, as a wierd assorment of street people walk by.

Zhora fleeing

Zhora darts across the snarled traffic, desperately attempting to escape death.

Zhora dead

Zhora finally "aired out", lies motionless after crashing through five glass showcases.

"Zhora and Deckard have a fight and she emerges out of the doorway of the bar onto a section of the street we had never used before. We took four columns from the Tyrell Corporationand turned them upside down. Then we placed dozens of Orientals in the street and started building fires so that it looked like they were cooking right on the street by the columns. Zhora, followed by Deckard, runs out through this hectic scene and into a traffic jam. He chases her in between cars, jumping on top of various vehicles. Finally he turns a corner and goes down another street-- part of our main street--which was 'redressed' into a department store. One section of it was all glassed in with mannequins and these very, very strange outfits. We'd hung a lot of neon from the ceilings inside the windows and placed the mannequins on the neon and lit them up. Because of Zhora's replicant strength, when Deckard shoots her, the bullet's impact keeps her crashing through the window. She went through five windows before she died."

-Lawrence G. Paull

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