"Sebastian has a disease called the Methuseleh Syndrome or, as Pris calls it, 'accelerated decrepitude.' It serves as a sympathetic interplay between Sebastian and the replicants. They have something in common because they will all die before their time."

-Michael Deeley

Sebastian, Pris, and Roy

Sebastian, the genetic designer, announces proudly to his guests Pris and Batty that,"There's some of me in you!"

Sebastian's creations

Sebastian's toys and best friends, Kaiser Wilhelm and Napoleon, greet him each day as he enters his lonely apartment. Little people, Kevin Thompson and John Edward Allen, are underneath the costumes and makeup.

Sebastian and Pris

As Sebastian sleeps, Pris examines the stereoscope and the many other fascinating inventions strewn about his apartment.

Sebastian's Scope

The stereoscope in Sebastian's apartment is an advanced microscope designed by Syd Mead.

"You work with the film from its conception and get to a point where you feel everything is exactly right. Then, other points of view and other ideas are incorporated. So you try and retain the film you really want to present and also get across as much of the other's perspectives as you can.

"Editing requires convoluting and juxtaposing scenes that look good in the script but do not work well visually. We've experimented by turning some scenes inside and out, trying to make them work in a different way. It's been a good excercise to see what i can get away with by taking a scene and part of another and combining them to make one scene rather than two"

-Terry Rawlings (Supervising Editor)

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