"We dressed Tyrell's room to look like the Pope's bedroom, very elaborate, very eclectic decor. The headboard was a $25,000 Chinese screen and the bed was two kingsize beds put together. There were big concrete columns which were 4-foot square and rose 25 feet into the air. Instead of just using raw concrete, we took material and actually draped the column so that it had a very religious kind of overtone to it."

-Lawrence G. Paull

Roy and Sebastian

Batty reassures the nervous Sebastian as they take the long elevator ride 800 floors to Dr. tyrell's quarters.

Dr. Tyrell in bed

Dr. Tyrell is suprised to hear that his chess partner, Sebastian, is coming to see him at such a late hour.

Roy killing Dr. Tyrell

After Tyrell confirms there is no way to make him last longer, Batty retaliates and crushes Tyrell's skull between his hands.

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