"For Chew's laboratory we found a large meat packing plant in Downey. Before we began filming, they had to start to lower the temperature because if you just turn the thermostat down to zero or six degrees, the concrete walls crack, all sorts of funny things things happen. You have to turn down gradually. Over the period of about two weeks the owner turned it down to about four degrees below zero. We put up the set about four days before. For the next couple of days, we sent a crew down there with spray cans and they proceded to ice up the walls. We not only iced up the walls, but we ended up having icicles two feet long, real icicles, hanging from the ceiling and real ice. It was cold!"

-Lawrence G. Paull

Chew's Lab

Chew, who specializes in supplying human eyes to the replicant makers, works contentedly in his arctic laboratory.

Chew, Leon, and Roy

Batty and Leon question the terrified Chew about their genetic design and their chances for survival. Chew informs them that Sebastian can lead them to their maker.

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