"We used all kinds of unusual cart devices out in the street and under the arcade and came up with strange shops that sell replicant animals. There are obviously not many live animals left in this society. Obviously, we used real animals posing as replicant animals, but we also used some stuffed animals. Very bizzare, exotic types of people wander in and out of this whole scene."

-Lawrence G. Paull

Animal Mart ostrich

The mechanical ostrich--one of the unique creations from the production.

Animal Mart sketches

Ridley Scott's storyboards of the scene at the animoid mart, where expensive, artificial animals are sold and where Deckard goes with the scale flake he's found in Leon's apartment.

Animal Mart fish scene

Deckard follows up one of his clues at the animoid mart, and begins to zero in on Zhora, the exotic snake dancer.

Animal Mart snake maker

Deckard discusses the snake scales he found in leon's apartment with a synthetic snake maker.

"Not only did we have hundreds of extras, we had 50-60 vehicles, lighting effects and moving mannequins. We had to create a red light district, a hustle bustle scene, so it was a huge amount of coordination with background action, cars moving, lights flashing and people moving. With Ridley's eye on detail, everything had to be perfect. The wardrobe was incredible. Every single secondhand store was looted by our wardrobe department to create the effect of a multi-national, multi-racial society. We had tons of punks, Blacks and Mexicans; we used Russian and Chinese army uniforms. There were men dressed up as nuns, Hari Krishnas--a melange of absolutely every part of society you could imagine."

-Katherine Haber

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