"In order to get the backlight effect of the sun in Tyrell's office the whole upper part of the frame was a series of big studio lights. After we did the front projection of the actors moving in front of the window, the whole upper part of the frame was removed and replaced with a matte painting. The sun had to be opticalled in and rotoscoped and anyone who moved in front of the sun had to be rotoscoped out."

-Doug Trumbull

Interior of Tyrell's Office

This special effect shot shows the interior of Tyrell's office, where Rachael first meets Deckard. The sky, sun, and crossing birds were added in during post-production.

Deckard with Voight-Kampff

Deckard administers the sensitive Voight-Kampff test to Rachael and is suprised and disturbed by the results.

Sketchs of Tyrell's office

Top Drawing: Ridley Scott's sketch for Tyrell's office emphasizes the vast spaces in the room. Lower Drawing: Sherman Labby's storyboard sets the scene as Deckard enters Tyrell's office and the mechanical owl sweeps across the room.

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