"The police station was filmed at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Ridley liked it because of the art deco and neo-Fascist architecture and because of its immensity. We built Bryant's office at the station, but made one giant mistake. We built it around the access to the ladies' bathroom so that every time we started shooting, some little old lady would want to use the bathroom."

-Katherine Haber (Production Executive)

The Police Station

"All police uniforms were original designs for the film. There is a computer and watch set into the glove and visors have wires attached to them so that they light up at night--there is no need for torches or flashlights. They carry truncheons as well as guns.

"This is not a police state. While there are foot police in the street scenes and police cars can be seen, there are not an inordinate number. There are small, one-man booths throughout the city mainly used for surveilance of the huge crowds."

-Michael Deeley (Producer)

A Police Uniform

Designed by Charles Knode and Michael Kaplan, the police costume combines the style of the 1940's with projections of the future.

The Police Station

4th Sector- one of the sections Deckard pass through during his hunt for the replicants.

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