"In spite of the terriffic pre-production drawings, when the spinner was initially built and photographed, it looked like a flying brick. It took an enormous amount of energy to make it appear aerodynamic and interesting--continually adding flashing lights and other effects."

-Doug Trumbull

Blueprint of spinner

Exact blueprints of the police spinner were drawn by art director David Snyder before attempting to build the flying vehicle.

High resolution spinner diagram. Note: image size is 1.2MB. Download with care.

Spinner Sketch

One of Syd Mea's early drawings for the police spinner.

Manequin of Deckard and Gaff

Incredibly detailed models of Deckard and Gaff are placed carefully in the miniature police spinner for special effects and distance shots.

'Police' in chinese

These Chinese characters read 'police.'

Spinner lifting off

With Gaff and Deckard aboard, the police spinner takes off and heads for Deckard's momentous meeting with his old boss Captain Bryant.

Spinner Interior

The spinner interior dashboard with its barrage of computerized information.

"There were four sizes of the spinner. One was four-feet long, another one a foot long, one a half-foot long and another one four-inches long. Depending on the shot, we'd use one of those sizes. Many times when you see many spinners, it's just the same spinner used over and over again. There is an Alfa Romeo spinner and a Lobster spinner, both a foot long. We gave that foot-long spinner different appearances by painting it different colors and lighting it a bit differently."

-David Dryer

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