"A vehicle that is self-contained and that looks essentially the same whether it flies or is on the ground is a real flying car to me. It uses an aerodyne. You can have turbines inside the car, the bottom of the car might have to have big vents or something. Essentially you generate all the power inside it so you don't have to have extendable wings and all this mechanical nonsense to contend with. It's the same car, but flies. That makes it even better, because when it's flying it looks basically like it does rolling along the ground. But you make the transfer without the vehicle's changing shape. That makes it more magical."

-Syd Mead

Deckard and Gaf in Spinner

Deckard and Gaff flying past the Tyrell tower.


A Spinner

Above two images: Three spinners Deckard and Gaff pass on the way.

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