"The idea for this noodle bar, where we first see Deckard, was like a McDonalds of the future in a way. The way I translated it, I thought of it as like a place called White Castle I used to go to as a kid. White Castles were originally built in the 1940's. All the surfaces were all curved and tiled. Based on that, but making it an outdoor place, we made our noodle bar. We took the attitude that it's a chain. There's one downtown when we first see Deckard and there's another one when Sebastian drives up to his apartment."

-Lawrence G. Paull

Deckard and Gaf at the Bar

Deckard's dinner at the noodle bar is interupted by the arrival of Gaff, whose Cityspeak--a combination of several romance, germanic, and oriental languages-- has to be translated for Deckard by the counterman. Gaff persuades Deckard to come with him to police headquarters.

Deckard at the Bar

Blade Runner Rick Deckard reads the local newspaper while waiting his turn at the neighborhood noodle bar.

L.A. Crowd

The BLADE RUNNER production crew affectionately called the unique set, "Ridleyville".

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