The Pyramids

Douglas Trumbull looms over the minature of the Tyrell Corporation pyramid created at Entertainment Effects Group. Trumball recieved Academy Award nominations for his work on CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND and STAR TREK- THE MOTION PICTURE.

EEG engineers

Technicians at EEG attach the fiberoptics- rays of light sent through plastic tubes- that light up the vast cityscape.

"I can't remember exactly, but I think the pyramid was a composite of my ideas and Ridley's. Originally, the Tyrell building was going to be right in town, it was going to be a massive building right inside the city. We decided it would be much more visual and stark to place it way outside of town, so that it really rose above the horizon. The pyramid was the 1st miniature that we built. Across its base it was probably eight feet by eight feet, The top was probably two feet square. It was built prior to principal photography, because the 1st scene shot was the interior of Tyrell's office, and we had to have process plates of the other pyramid outside the window. So we had to build the pyramid, photograph it, prepare the plates and do front projection on that set."

-Douglas Trumbull (Special Effects Photographic Supervisor)

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